Autonomously Generate Online Classes

Simply place our device in a classroom and it generates a next generation education platform that enables students to excel academically. 

Our Device

- Captures 4K Video
- On Device Processing
- Autonomously Generates All Content and Populates Platform
- Works in All Classrooms
- Captures All Boards, up to 70ft Away

Our Platform

- Interactive Lecture Notes, Transcript, and Video
- Auto Hyperlinks Concepts Across Lectures and Classes
- Community Learning
- Integrates with popular LMS and QA Platforms
- Provides Analytics on Learning

"It was a very useful simulation of being in a lecture, it helped me concentrate."

"I really liked how the platform allowed me to stop and look at the whole board instead of only one small portion."

"It was a good alternative to lecture and a good way to cover any notes I was not able to take during lecture."

"I loved that I could watch lectures on my own time."

Fully Automated

- Autonomously Generates Notes from Lectures Taught on the Board
- Intelligent Scheduler that Adjusts Based on Detection of Instruction
- Autoconnects Classes By the Concept
- No Human Effort or Maintainance 

Non-Invasive for Professors

-No Behavior Change or Effort Needed by the Professor
-Standard Option to Digitally Remove Professor from Video
-No Change in Classroom Infrastructure 
-Network Sensitive Uploading 

Ferpa and ADA Compliant

-Notes for Accomodation
-Autoblurs Student Faces
-Secure AWS Server 

Easy to Integrate

-Compatible with all popular LMS
-20 Minute Basic Device Installation
-Mounts Anywhere
-Customer Support
-Wifi or Ethernet
-3.5mm Audio In or Bluetooth Mic  

Educational Vision Technologies is working to democratize education by capturing, distilling, and connecting all of the world's educational content

Lets Create a More Educated World!

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Monal Parmar, CEO

Jason Bunk, CTO